10 Cheapest Beach Destinations You Can Book Around The World

10 Cheapest Beach Destinations You Can Book Around The World

These beaches might be on the affordable end of the budget but that doesn’t mean

These beaches might be on the affordable end of the budget but that doesn’t mean they’re any less beautiful.

Some tourists might hesitate when considering a beach vacation because it would probably be costly. But this article will help make a tourist’s beach vacation possible! Enjoy and have fun with white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters without the need to break the bank. Listed below are the cheapest beach destinations around the world.

10 La Jolla, San Diego, California

Known for its rugged seashore with rocky border is La Jolla, a perfect place to start a tourist’s San Diego escapade. The parking lot starts at $10, but it varies on how long the traveler would stay. The best place to have cheaper yet good food with a great view of the ocean is the Duke’s La Jolla. It is a Hawaiian restaurant that serves a meal with a price starting at $11. A great activity to do here is kayaking in the cove, which starts at $75.

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9 St. Pete Beach, Florida

One of the cheapest beaches in America is St. Pete Beach in Florida. The most reasonable time to visit St. Pete with family and stay in a hotel is during August. There is so much to do here, including swimming with the fish at RumFish Grill. For family vacations, the cost of food and activities would start at $128 per day. For solo travelers, the cost for everyday activities, including the food, is about $32. There are also lodgings which start at $68 per night.

8 Monterey, California

The city of Monterey offers a beautiful view of the sunset and is one of the most incredible cities in California. The mountain ranges complement well with the waters which make this city more dramatic. It has a smooth highway perfect for a road trip while feeling the cold breeze. The Pacific Gardens Inn is a recommendable luxurious hotel to stay with. The parking is free and has excellent amenities. Room prices start at $100 per night, with complimentary breakfast.

7 Ksamil Beach, Albania

Ksamil is indeed a paradise gem of Albania with lots of pristine beaches and great accommodations. Top on the list is the Hotel Livia featuring its Albanian interior and exterior design. Rooms in this hotel start their rate at $39 per night. Activities to enjoy include paddleboarding, kayaking, and other water sports activities that start at $30 per adult. Aside from these, the nightlife in Ksamil is also a fun thing to experience with restaurants, clubs, and bars.

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6 Sitges, Spain

One of the most affordable beach destinations in Europe is Sitges, situated in Costa Brava, Spain. Tourists from Barcelona may take the train or bus, which costs from €3 to €6 and is about a 30 to 45 minutes ride. Menus in Sitges beach starts at €10 on Triana, located at Passeig de Vilanova. Tourists can also find accommodation for as low as €20 per night. For events to enjoy, there are free festivals and free museums to explore.

5 Hotel Salsello, Puglia, Italy

Puglia is one of the underrated beach destinations in Italy. That’s why visiting here would be cheaper because it is not very crowded. There are a lot of beaches within the town, and most of them are pretty much less expensive, including the Hotel Saltillo. Guests will have access to the beach and swimming pool and will be guaranteed outstanding services. Rooms’ prices vary, but prices start at $37 per night with complimentary breakfast.

4 Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

Offering a cheap yet super fun beach vacation and one of the most extensive beaches in Cambodia is the island of Koh Rong. A budget-friendly destination, especially for backpackers. Tourists can have a drink and meal for as low as $1 to $5. Most island tours are pricey, but guests can already enjoy for $5 of the tour here, including a night swimming together with planktons that glow in the dark. For accommodation, hotel prices range from $19 to $110 per night.

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3 Perhentian, Malaysia

One of the best beach destinations that will not make tourists rob a bank is the island of Perhentian in Malaysia. The island consists of several beaches, which is why the best activity to do here is beach hopping. Boating tickets would start at $17.10. For accommodation, Coral Beach offers a $12.20 Butterfly Chalet. The food is also cheaper. For as low as $10, tourists can already enjoy a complete meal for a day.

2 Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Nelayan Beach in Canggu is not fully developed yet, so it is a perfect spot for swimming and is inexpensive as there are not many amenities or activities here save for surfing, kite flying, and swimming. The most affordable accommodation in Nelayan Beach is at Kent Beach House, with $8 per night. A famous beach nearby is the ZIN Canggu Resort. For tourists who enjoy nightclubs and bars, there are also cheaper hubs nearby.

1 Jungle Beach, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Suites in Jungle Beach are categorized into the New Room, Bamboo Hut, and the Deluxe Garden View. The room rates are from 1.000.000₫ to 1.500.000₫. It is worth it as breakfast, lunch, and dinner are already included and served with lemon juice. The parking is also free, and the rooms have a view of the ocean. There are no restaurants very close but staff recommendations on where to eat are known to be top-notch.

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