5 Beautiful and Magnificent Temple Tours in Central Java

5 Beautiful and Magnificent Temple Tours in Central Java

Indonesia does have a lot of cultural wealth. One of the historical relics already well-known worldwide is wayang kulit (Shadow Puppets) in Central Java.

There are also various kinds of relics in the form of places, such as temples. In Central Java, the temple borobudur is one of the most famous temples besides Prambanan Temple. However, there are several other temples in Central Java.

Temple Tours in Central Java

1. Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is indeed the most famous temple in Indonesia. This temple is a Buddhist temple located in Magelang. This tourist attraction is also on the list of World Heritage Sites.

Not only used as a tourist spot, but Borobudur Temple is also used as a place of religious pilgrimage, which is carried out every year by Buddhists throughout Indonesia to commemorate the Vesak Trisuci.

2. Mendut Temple

Also located in Magelang, Mendut Temple is also open for tourists. Located only about 3 km from Borobudur Temple, this temple is estimated to have been built by the first king of the Syailendra Dynasty in 824 AD. According to expert estimates, Mendut Temple is older than Borobudur Temple.

3. Pawon Temple

Pawon Temple is located between Borobudur Temple and Mendut Temple. Pawon was discovered around the end of the 19th century in a damaged condition and later was repaired in 1903.

According to Johannes Gijsbertus, a Dutch orientalist and Indologist, Pawon Temple is a place to store the ashes of King Indra, which was the father of King Samaratungga of the Syailendra Dynasty. Pawon Temple has a beautiful building with a green view that makes it more remarkable.

4. Plaosan Temple

Plaosan Temple is one of the temples in Klaten. This temple is a Buddhist temple built around the beginning of the 9th century AD.

Plaosan Temple is further divided into two complexes: Plaosan Lor Temple and Plaosan Kidul Temple. Now Plaosan Temple is used as a religious tourism destination. The beautiful scenery combined with beautiful buildings makes Plaosan Temple a unique destination.