8 Essential Tips For Your First Backpacking Trip

8 Essential Tips For Your First Backpacking Trip


My adore of backpacking started when I was a teenager. Unlike using a working day hike, backpacking supplied experience as you packed almost everything you require to spend a evening or more in the woods on your back again and devote the night time sleeping underneath the stars future to a stream, a speeding waterfall, or on a rocky bluff, the sounds of nature encompassing you.

In excess of the many years, lifetime acquired in the way and there never seemed to be ample time to get away so my enjoy of backpacking was pushed to the backburner. Now that I have retired, I have the time and want to attempt it again. Problems is, I’m not that spry teen anymore. My knees pop, snap, and ache. My back is not limber any longer. But the trail is calling. 

Backpacking is an outstanding way to feel rejuvenated, acquire you to landscapes and character that only a hiking path can, and even problem you. It can be as uncomplicated as spending 1 evening on a path in a regional state park where they provide backcountry camping to something genuinely hard like hiking the overall Appalachian Path (A.T.) from Georgia to Maine. 

One particular issue is for particular: it is a fun, satisfying, and gratifying sport that those people of us around 50 can get pleasure from much into our golden years.

MJ Eberhart (aka Nimblewill Nomad) became the oldest man to complete the Appalachian Trail.
MJ Eberhart (aka Nimblewill Nomad) grew to become the oldest gentleman to full the Appalachian Path in 2001

(Image Credit history: Joe Cuhaj)

Not confident that you’re by no means much too outdated to backpack? Nicely, a very good mate of mine, M.J. Eberhart (improved identified by his mountaineering moniker, Nimblewill Nomad) not too long ago accomplished mountaineering the A.T. from Alabama to Maine at the age of 83, turning into the oldest gentleman to do so.

Right here are eight tips to get you started on your very own journey.

Man stands on top of rock overlooking rolling hills.
“One of the joys of backpacking – breathtaking views.”
(Photograph Credit: Joe Cuhaj)

1. The Pleasure Of Backpacking Around 50

Moreover discovering character, there are many other positive aspects connected with backpacking:

  • Becoming physically lively is very good for your thoughts and entire body.
  • It improves your cardiovascular well being.
  • Builds strong muscle tissues.
  • Improves cognitive operate.
  • It’s therapeutic, making it possible for you to get absent from the everyday grind and immerse your self in mother nature.
  • Builds self-assurance in your self and your talents. 

2. Receiving In Shape 

In advance of you lace up all those boots and set a single foot on the trail, get to know your body and your bodily affliction, and really don’t sugarcoat it. Be trustworthy with yourself. Are you obtaining some knee or back aches? Are you a bit overweight? How is your endurance?

Generally get started your experience with your private health practitioner. Explain to them what you are scheduling to do and get the low down on your actual physical condition. Be confident to check with their information for making ready your entire body for the adventures ahead.

3. Start off With The Basics 

If you have in no way taken even a working day hike just before, get started by going for walks your neighborhood and step by step boost your length.

When you are all set to move on to a thing much more demanding, take your walk to the closest park or condition park and get working day hikes of varying levels of issues. Yet again, get started with quick trails and get the job done your way up to the additional complicated but be guaranteed to take hikes that have a thing of curiosity to spur you on like a waterfall, panoramic see, or record.

From there, it’s time to get started taking easy overnight treks. Employing the identical course of action, create on your own up to longer stays in the woods. But prior to you can do that overnighter, you need to have to get some essential gear and do a minimal a lot more arranging.

4. Gear Basics 

You have to bear in mind that you will be carrying every thing you need on your back. Numerous people today give up backpacking following their very first vacation because they carry literally anything — forged iron skillets, substantial four-human being tents, radios, you name it. It’s not very good and is typically the conclude of their backpacking adventures.

The notion is to strike a balance between packing gentle and continue to remaining comfortable. There is a science to obtaining the appropriate gear for your adventure — tents, sleeping luggage, food stuff, etc. The American Climbing Modern society is a single of the greatest resources for discovering the intricacies included in making the finest selections for backpacking gear and generating your to start with backpacking trip pleasing and at ease.

There are a couple of essentials you want to seriously emphasis on. The initially is water, a backpacker’s finest mate and worst enemy.

It is the hiker’s greatest close friend due to the fact drinking ample drinking water on a hike is necessary to keep you hydrated and wholesome. It is their worst enemy for the reason that it is pretty hefty to carry.

A good rule of thumb is to drink one fifty percent-liter of drinking water for every hour of reasonable action in average temperatures. Increase or minimize the sum relying on the hike’s problem and the outdoors temperature. Be sure to increase electrolytes to your water to support with hydration.

Do not consume from any water supply on the path without having initial purifying it both through a filter or with substances. Health problems from water-borne germs like giardia are not a laughing subject. Even though it is treatable and almost never deadly, the bodily toll it usually takes on your entire body is not fun.

Talk with the local outfitter about h2o filters for your pack or h2o bottle. The go-to journal for backpackers, Backpacker Magazine, does an annual overview of the latest filters that will also help you make the proper alternative.

Usually have simple communications — a mobile phone and GPS device. Mobile phones are Alright to a stage, but you are never ever guaranteed if you will have a signal or not, and of class, the batteries die.

Really don’t ever use your mobile phone as a GPS unit. All over again, absence of signal is the issue and can leave you stranded out in the backcountry. It also drains batteries swiftly. As an alternative, choose for a GPS product. Selling prices start out at $100 for the standard Garmin GPS Map 64ST.

Even with a very good GPS device (and obtaining figured out how to use it), there is nonetheless a single detail you need to find out in advance of your large adventure…

5. Find out Orienteering 

A GPS is excellent, but you can even now get rid of the signal or the batteries can die. It’s a excellent strategy to study orienteering — the use of a regular map and compass. Oh, and be guaranteed to have them with you on your hike.

Nationwide topographic maps for anyplace in the country are out there on-line from the U.S. Geological Study as very well as community outfitters who can instruct you on the art of orienteering or tutorial you to someone who can teach you.

Campers stand around campfire.
Author, Joe, having prepared for a night on the trail with good friends close to a campfire.
(Photo Credit rating: Joe Cuhaj)

6. Make Educated Decisions About Your Trek 

As you see, setting up is everything for a prosperous backpacking journey. But there is extra to it than just the equipment you carry.

Of training course, you want to make your backpacking journey memorable and knowledge all that character has to present, but you want to know your boundaries.

Very good path guides and maps will convey to you the degree of issue of a trail. But that is all subjective and normally is primarily based on the author’s encounter and condition, which may perhaps not be the exact same as yours.

With a fantastic path tutorial like those people found on AllTrails or an application, you can glimpse at the map and the accompanying elevation obtain to get a sense of what type of climbing you are in for on the hike you select to just take.

Also take into consideration the length of the hike. Certain, the common human being can walk 2 or 2.5-miles an hour on level floor, but add in climbing ridges and mountains and fording streams, and unless you are in top ailment, your velocity will drop substantially and a shorter length overnight hike might be in get.

Track down water resources alongside the path right before you head out. Are there plenty of streams and springs in which you can filter drinking water? That will help lighten the load, but continue to constantly carry a good deal with you. You under no circumstances know when that water resource will be dry.

7. Be Weather conditions Sensible

Check the temperature before heading out. If serious storms are predicted, do not possibility it.

Hikers, walk across a wooden bridge into the woods.
“Take a day hike with your equipment to try it out ahead of undertaking an right away backpacking journey.”
(Picture Credit score: Joe Cuhaj)

8. Closing Recommendations Right before You Strike The Trail

Never hike by yourself. I have numerous backpacking buddies who go solo, but it is not a great idea. Emergencies transpire on the trail and getting an individual with you could be the variation involving lifestyle and death.

Pack along a to start with assist package and know how to use it.

Where ever you go, enable many others know of your designs — when you will be at the trailhead, what route you are taking on the path, where by you will be investing the night, and what time they can expect you to return dwelling.

Ahead of heading on your first overnight, take into consideration doing a shakedown hike of your gear. Load your pack with anything you prepare on using with you and do a day hike via a nearby park or point out park. Wander a distance. Is the pack relaxed or far too major? Take the equipment out and test it to make certain it will work and that it is not far too hard to operate on the trail.

And with that, you are prepared to lace up the boots, strap on the pack, get the climbing poles, and acquire your initially backpacking vacation. Delighted trails!

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