A couple in love photograph their life on the road

A couple in love photograph their life on the road

These photographs are produced as a collaboration with a realtime, stay check so that we

These photographs are produced as a collaboration with a realtime, stay check so that we the two lead in equal elements to the closing image. We like toying with the preconception of the “photographer” and “model”, and challenging classic conceptions of authorship and means of building function. This job is a personal archive intended to operate as a set of lyrical, passionate, particular documents. 

We have been building this function in a fluid, casual way as we guide our nomadic lives for 8 many years, and system to continue on earning this perform indefinitely. Pictures integrated in our edit of this work were created all above the earth – in London, the Hudson Valley, North Uist, Tuscany, Hanoi, and all over the US. 

Not too long ago, Everlane commissioned us to establish this do the job for 1 of their strategies. We traveled about the US for practically two months — usually sleeping in our motor vehicle or pitching a tent in the wilderness. These pictures display our efforts to immerse ourselves into character soon after two years of pandemic city-residing. We ended up searching for a perception of freedom and openness that will come with remaining on the street, and we had been pondering about how this strategy engages with classical notions of the American Road Excursion and the American Desire. We employed this commission as an option to indulge in a far more straight personalized and passionate strategy to building operate. 

The framework for the function is intentional – it’s an prolonged portrait of a romance enjoying out in front of and behind the digital camera, with an energy to blur the limitations concerning photographer and model. These usually rigid barriers have plagued this sub-tradition inside of photography for as extended as pictures has been all-around. Questioning regular concepts of authorship is a significant component of the collection, and of our get the job done in general.

Andrea as Rapunzel during London Lockdown

On the other hand, in just this project’s framework there’s fluidity and place for experimentation. These photographs are a individual doc of personal times in a existence and in a romantic romance. They are the kind of photos which are as particular and quotidian as what you maintain in your backpack or purse. We’re fascinated in photographing every day lifetime with a degree of depth and directness that transports factors to one thing surreal or hyper serious. 

There are two images that have generally stood out to us — each built in North Uist in 2018, right after we bought married. The two photos have rainbows in them. Now, each time we see a rainbow, we make a photograph of Andrea upcoming to it… This really considerably sums up the spirit that this function is produced in. 

It’s operate that will come from a area of like, and we hope that folks can see and come to feel that. For us, we truly feel that this venture displays our need to make immediate, unfussy pictures that hold a timeless, intimate vitality. 


Andrea and rainbow in North Uist
Andrea balancing on tree roots in Poughkeepsie
Andrea leg and horizon line in North Uist
Andrea sitting in tree in New Mexico for Everlane
Andrea in North Carolina


All photos courtesy Andrea Orejarena and Caleb Stein

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