Backpacker Radio #154 | Backpacking Diet: Eat Intelligently, Avoiding Put up-Path Weight Achieve, Hydration and Complement Recommendation

Backpacker Radio #154 | Backpacking Diet:  Eat Intelligently, Avoiding Put up-Path Weight Achieve, Hydration and Complement Recommendation

In at present’s episode of Backpacker Radio offered by The Trek, delivered to by RTIC, we’re joined by Lauren Capone.  Along with being an achieved triathlete and runner herself, Lauren holds a Grasp of Science in Utilized Diet and works as a Practical and Integrative Well being Practitioner at Flatirons Integrative Well being & Diet in Boulder, CO.  Our dialog covers a ton of floor on all issues vitamin and well being for backpacking and past, together with why folks find yourself gaining the load they lose on a backpacking journey so shortly post-trail (and what could be executed to stop that), the metabolic results of lengthy distance endurance train, know should you’re getting the correct amount of energy throughout your hike, her ideas on consuming keto, vegan, or paleo on path, what dietary supplements a backpacker ought to think about using, keep correctly hydrated on path, and way more.  Merely put, you’ll stroll away from this interview with a ton of helpful info.  Get the notepad prepared.

Backpacker Radio #154 | Backpacking Diet:  Eat Intelligently, Avoiding Put up-Path Weight Achieve, Hydration and Complement Recommendation


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Interview with Lauren Capone

Time stamps & Questions

00:05:14 – Introducing Lauren

00:06:13 – How did you get into endurance sports activities?

00:08:16 – Inform us in regards to the Ironman.

00:10:53 – At what level did you do your first full Ironman?

00:13:24 – What are the qualifying metrics for the Kona Ironman?

00:15:00 – Inform us the highlights and stats out of your Kona race.

00:17:59 – Did you mentally put together along with bodily put together?

00:19:22 – Inform us extra in regards to the path operating you do now.

00:20:22 – Inform us your academic background because it pertains to vitamin.

00:22:38 – How ought to somebody take into consideration meals earlier than a half-year backpacking journey?

00:24:27 – What ought to folks take into consideration when it comes to macronutrients or general calorie consumption?

00:26:20 – Do you suppose there’s a bonus to beginning a path with just a little additional physique weight?

00:27:43 – What ought to folks take into consideration caloric consumption in the course of the path? 

00:29:45 – Is there something magical about consuming each hour?

00:31:00 – Do you’ve a rule of thumb for each day caloric consumption?

00:32:18 – How does somebody determine their BMR?

00:35:40 – What traits ought to somebody search for to know in the event that they’re getting sufficient vitality on path?

00:41:19 – Would you advise towards intermittent fasting whereas mountaineering a protracted path?

00:43:24 – Inform us about macronutrients as they relate to backpacking.

00:46:40 – Do you’ve a tough beginning spot for planning macronutrients?

00:47:39 – Ought to folks depend on their cravings as a information or be extra focused?

00:50:20 – Dialogue about protein sources and consumption on path.

00:54:41 – Are there signs of somebody getting adequate carbs however inadequate protein?

00:55:56 – Do you’ve ideas on diets like keto, paleo, vegetarian, or vegan?

01:00:16 – How ought to folks take into consideration weight reduction on path?

01:04:10 – Ought to somebody purpose for a surplus of energy whereas consuming on the town?

01:09:19 – What occurs physiologically once you’re in a power calorie deficit?

01:12:35 – Why do females generally lose their cycles when doing endurance sports activities?

01:14:32 – What would different signs of caloric deficit appear like for males?

01:17:14 – Is there a tough information for somebody attempting to watch their weight?

01:18:07 – Why do you suppose folks typically put again on weight they misplaced whereas mountaineering?

01:22:57 – What are your ideas on prioritizing power coaching after a thru-hike?

01:26:05 – Do you’re employed with athletes with consuming problems?

01:30:23 – Dialogue about weight upkeep after a thru-hike.

01:31:52 – Do you’ve a tough information to staying hydrated on path?

01:34:35 – Dialogue about including salt to water.

01:36:56 – Do you suppose that electrolyte testing is sensible?

01:39:03 – Dialogue about hyponatremia and methods to keep away from it.

01:43:04 – What are the commonest hydration errors made by endurance athletes?

01:44:02 – Do you advocate omega-3 dietary supplements?

01:45:52 – What are your ideas on CBD?

01:46:29 – What else do you advocate associated to anti-inflammatory dietary supplements?

01:48:30 – Ideas on the power use of ibuprofen?

01:49:48 – Ideas on protein dietary supplements?

01:51:10 – Ideas on a basic multivitamin?

01:52:50 – Ideas on sleep aids or really helpful sleep dietary supplements?

01:55:12 – Do you’ve ideas on greater doses of magnesium?

01:56:26 – Do you’ve ideas on dehydrated inexperienced juice?

01:57:57 – Dialogue about nutrient and hormone testing.

02:02:20 – How can folks work with you or Flatirons Integrative?

02:03:04 – Thanks!


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