Chartering a Yacht in Hong Kong

Chartering a Yacht in Hong Kong

Simpson Yacht Charters in Hong Kong has to offer luxurious boats for tourists to enjoy stunning beaches across the globe. Each sort of yacht is made of amenities to provide both safety and comfort for all passengers. Finding a place to visit is easier than booking the right type of yacht.

Hence, this post includes a short guide to choosing a yacht that is within your budget and needs. Scroll down for more details.

Hidden Gems You Must Visit

Most individuals prefer going to beaches to escape from the crowd amid the pandemic. For instance, popular islands in Hong Kong continue to operate and follow restrictions for everyone’s safety. Visitors can charter yachts to ensure convenience throughout the trip, with or without a crew. 

You can select from the following destinations to visit first:

  1. Turtle Beach

If you want to encounter green turtles, this is a hidden gem you should visit with a yacht. The chelonian season falls between June and October when they lay eggs. While it is also nice to experience Turtle beach because of the calm ambiance. Moreover, wakeboarding is the best sport to try on this island. 

  1. Middle Island

Sailing across Middle Island will require you to take multiple paths. Going to the north, where Victoria Harbour is, is the best route. It is easy to navigate as the island is located at the center of Hong Kong.

Southern bays are another option. The sight of containerships on the bay is breathtaking for tourists. In addition, sailors can purchase gifts for loved ones at stopover destinations.

While many tourists prefer to travel in either direction, others would rather go around Middle Island. It will take two days to reach the said island.

  1. South Bay

Compared to the previous beaches, South Bay is less crowded yet ideal for yachting. Its shoreline is wide and serene, perfect for sightseeing. This spot is near the Marina Club where tourists can enjoy banana boating and also wakeboarding.

  1. Mirs Bay

Mirs Bay is a good option if you are planning a trip to the eastern part of Hong Kong. There is a Port Shelter to keep the yacht safe, and it will take at least two days to get there.

The volcanic rock formation that surrounds the area is the island’s most well-known landmark. It is also one of the Hong Kong beaches that have been preserved by UNESCO.

White beaches and a marine park for tourists round out Mirs Bay. It is best to stay on the island for more than a week to appreciate its beauty. Pick a nice spot for overnight yachting because some parts of the island can be uncomfortable, especially at night.

  1. Po Toi Beach

People living in the southeast part of Hong Kong can easily visit Po Toi Beach. It can boast delicious seafood recipes to complete your trip. The scenery is like no other with its picture-perfect rock formations.

A Guide For Chartering a Yacht

Yacht charters are the best option to go to the said destinations. They guarantee a safe and comfortable trip with everything that you need onboard. So, here is how you could pick a yacht charter for your next beach trip:

  1. Find a Broker

It is difficult to charter a yacht without any idea how. A broker can help you to negotiate with boat providers in Hong Kong to reduce your cost. They know yacht charters that you can trust and also the logistics to speed up the process.

  1. Identify a Yacht

There are various types of yachts in the market, so choose which one is ideal for your travel needs. Also, consider the number of guests to select the correct size of the yacht and the amenities required. Price may differ wherein smaller yachts can be cheaper than superyachts.

Some sailors prefer to cruise without a crew while others find it more comfortable with a few staff onboard. This depends on the skill and knowledge in operating a yacht which the latter is ideal for beginners. A crewed yacht also promotes convenience so that guests would not worry about anything.

  1. Budget

Since the cost of a yacht varies, it is crucial to bring in extra money for further expenses. It is also mentioned that some of the destinations have luxury spots where you can buy stuff. Thus, asking for an estimated cost can save you from spending beyond budget.

  1. Tools and Equipment

Yachting could be better as you participate in water activities. Most charterers provide extra tools for the guests, with added cost. This is intended for safer cruising and also for pleasure.

First, know the interests of every guest. It will help you determine the kind of equipment to rent during the trip.

Second, check on the location. Ask the beach staff if water sports are allowed and not to waste your money on buying tools in case they are prohibited.

Final Thoughts

It is not new to go on a vacation with a yacht which becomes more of an option during a pandemic. However, companies that offer yachts for rent grow rapidly making it harder to decide which one is best. Think about your budget to easily find the right yacht for you and your guests. And then, contact a broker to assist you in weighing down the possible choices.

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