Come, Child: I Shall Teach You the Ways of the Ultralighter

Come, Child: I Shall Teach You the Ways of the Ultralighter


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Ho! Who is it I listen to at the doorway of my cuben-fiber yurt? Enter stranger, seeker of expertise! You want not converse. I know why you have come. The question is, are you geared up? Do you have the vital energy of mind and purity of function? Are you ready…to stroll the Path of the Ultralighter?

But 1st, make an giving to our elegant and historic buy. Get out your toothbrush. Now, snap off the cope with. Burn it in the holy flame of this liquor stove, which I have wrought from a cat food can. Repeat with me the mystical components: ounces equal lbs and pounds equivalent ache. 

Now give me a pint of your blood. Not simply because of the ritual. Nay! Since it weighs a full pound. 

There. The pact is sealed. You are prepared.

This planet is weighty, my boy or girl. It will find to weigh you down as very well. It will slip fripperies into your pack: pocket knives, deodorant, bathroom paper. The Genuine Ultralighter desires not these baubles. Are living in vigilance. Guard in opposition to that which would add to your burden.

Permit us begin the Ritual of Shakedown. Empty your possessions on the ground. Do it now! Like a seed pushing as a result of the really hard spring soil in search of the sunshine, so too ought to you thrust by way of adversity to the superb ultralight of backpacking. 

You concern the chilly, little one. I can see your dread, reflected in your 800-fill down sleeping bag, your hooded puffy jacket, and your insulated sleeping pad with an R-value of 6.9. But you ought to lay down your concern, alongside with any pieces of insulated apparel that are far too massive to compress down to about the dimension of a baseball. The Genuine Ultralighter carries specifically as a great deal equipment as required not to die of hypothermia, for only on the margin among daily life and demise do the gates of the universe open. Be not fearful! Acquire instead this ultralight quilt that prices $900 and will permit cold air in as soon as you move acquire as properly this child-sized foam mat, so you may possibly sleep with the gravel digging into your back. Be a single with the frozen ground.

Additional underwear, additional shirts, extra pants? Vainness upon vainness! The Accurate Ultralighter wears their clothes like a second pores and skin, anointed by grime and sweat, their odor wafting a prayer to the divine. (You may perhaps carry 1 added pair of socks. I have listened to from thy partner. They have their limitations.)

An Apple check out, Bluetooth headphones, extra batteries? You have been deceived! The accurate objective of backpacking is not to devote thousands of bucks on expensive, breakable know-how. No, my pupil, the true reason of backpacking is to expend hundreds of bucks on pricey, breakable tents, backpacks, jackets, and footwear, then argue about their relative merits on Reddit! These kinds of is the challenging, lonely road an Ultralight Backpacker will have to tread.

A paperback ebook? Tear out the pages you have by now study, for the earlier is but an illusion. Treats? Provide only a person breadcrust, and have faith in Providence not to depart you starving. A baggie with a total ounce of weed? That’s good, basically. Hang on to that.

When you arrived here, you had been but a donkey, hauling the excess weight of the world on your again. Now, seem at you: A Frogg-Toggs-draped Ultralight Grasp! 

I charge you with this final endeavor, little one: Spread the information of Ultralight Backpacking by way of the environment. Convey to your family. Explain to your Tinder dates. Inform your close friends, even when they preserve striving to change the issue. 

Distribute the Gospel of Ultralight Backpacking! Tread evenly!


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