Family Vacation in Crete

Greece, in general, and especially Crete, are the best variant when it comes to holidays with kids. There are plenty of attractions for them, and many hotels are famous for being family-friendly. Of course, if you want full comfort, rent one of the villas in Crete. They have all you need to spend a perfect vacation without any troubles.

For example, the majority of the villas have playgrounds for your little loved ones and special appliances for toddlers. Your children can play in a small pool or join the family in a big one. There is also a possibility of ordering additional beds for little kids. But it concerns only the place to stay. What else can you do with children in Crete?

1. Swim in the Sea

Speaking about holidays in Crete, we can’t miss the topic of amazing beaches, almost all of which have special places for children. It’s a great opportunity to swim in the sea in a safe and calm zone. Your kids will love playing in the water. You can find quite secluded spaces, but in this case, watch your kids twice as carefully.

2. Explore the Historic Sites

You can travel with kids to show them ancient ruins and temples. On some archeological sites, there are special tours where children learn about this profession and even try it on special training grounds. Young archeologists have a lot of fun excavating objects and cataloging them. Some of them will find their future profession.

3. Enjoy Hiking and Walking

Magnificent nature and a great number of hiking trails make Crete one of the best places for long walks. If your children are old enough to manage hiking, use this opportunity to show them how beautiful this island is. A huge variety of plants and animals turn a simple walk into a full-scale adventure.

4. Visit Water Parks

When the weather is too hot to spend time outside, it’s time to visit one of the water parks. They offer a lot of activities for kids and adults. You can spend the whole day in such a park, kids like them very much.

5. Discover Themed Parks

Crete offers all types of themed parks, from incredibly interesting aquariums to Dino Park. Almost all kids adore dinosaurs, so visit this attraction. You can find even a garden devoted to ancient Greek myths. Children can play in the Labyrinth and learn a lot about Greek gods.

6. Engage in Family Activities

Some attractions offer activities for the entire family. For example, horse riding. For little guests, donkeys are available. You can go on a riding trip or just experience it for some time. For many children, the museum of natural history can be really fascinating. 

As you can see, it’s hard to decide what to do first. Crete welcomes children and makes sure there are a lot of interesting things to enjoy with them. Your kids will have a chance to enrich their knowledge and learn history, have a lot of fun, and get a lot of physical activities. Don’t miss the chance to spend an amazing, unforgettable time with them.

Genie Mathena

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