Kazakhstan’s Maidan – What We Need to Know – KyivPost

Kazakhstan’s Maidan – What We Need to Know – KyivPost


Whilst our focus proceeds to be focused on Russia’s navy risk on Ukraine japanese borders, and its attempts to blackmail the West into concessions, the explosion of protests in Kazakhstan ought to not go unnoticed.

Those people of us who have been subsequent occasions in this substantial Central Asian oil-prosperous republic have been shocked how speedily protests towards the increase in fuel rates for domestic buyers have turned into a nationwide increasing against Kazakhstan’s government and the scarcely hid despotic mother nature of its routine.

Some of us like myself, who adopted what was then called Soviet affairs back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, are amazed to see statues of the self-proclaimed founder of present day Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, being pulled down, just as statues of Lenin were being in Ukraine.

We are witnessing an explosion of pent-up irritation from, and anger with, the rule of a self-enriching oligarchy that has held sway around the place and its means for so long.

What are we to make of these extraordinary developments? We however never know what the outcome will be. Will the use of brute force and repression stifle the protests (as temporarily in Belarus and Russia), or will the Kazakh revolution, go through Maidan, consequence in a profound adjust in the political, financial and social established-up in the region?

If it does bring transform, it will have considerable implications for the overall post-Soviet area however beneath the impact of Moscow. This new geo-political political earthquake will deliver tremors that will unquestionably be felt in Moscow, Minsk and possibly even Beijing.

We don’t know what the political sights of the protesters are, professional- Moscow, western, or Chinese, but clearly, Moscow will now have to component in this unpredicted setback and might be detracted from its present-day anti-Western offensive focused on identifying the standing of Ukraine.

The predicament is fraught with much more longer-time period threats and attainable dangers. Putin’s Russia can hardly pay for to see its Kazakhstani ally destabilized or for it, in the worst-situation state of affairs, to undertake routine alter.

And then there is the threat of other external forces, not just Western kinds, capitalizing on the condition – Muslim fundamentalists from Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, or China wanting to make the most of it.

On the other hand, enable us remember that imperialistically-minded Russians have usually seen Kazakhstan, like Ukraine, as an synthetic point out, areas of which they have statements to.

Just after all, it was no other than that great Russian writer and chronicler of Soviet crimes, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, at coronary heart a Russian chauvinist, who in the early 1990s in his feelings on how Russia really should be “rebuilt” urged that eastern Ukraine and northern Kazakhstan be “reclaimed” by it.

Kazakhs and Ukrainians, as victims of Russian colonialization, have professional identical tragedies and crimes. In unique, in the early 1930s for the duration of the compelled collectivization of “Soviet” agriculture when Ukraine very last thousands and thousands of people in the Holodomor, Kazakhstan at the same time misplaced hundreds of thousands for the duration of the destruction of nomadic daily life and imposition of the collective farm system.

Kazakhstan, like Ukraine was colonized by Russian settlers and other nationalities, together with many of individuals who experienced been produced into political exiles by Moscow.

It is worth recalling that the initial major revolt in the late Soviet period of time that shook Moscow occurred in Alma-Ata in December 1986 when Moscow, with Mikhail Gorbachev newly at the helm and proclaiming “glasnost,” tried to impose a Russian as its viceroy in Kazakhstan right after the ethnic Kazakh celebration leader Dinmukhamed Kunaev was taken off.

35 many years back the protests in Soviet-ruled Kazakhstan shook the Soviet empire and served as a warning that the outdated moments have been coming to an end.

Right now, the preferred rebellion in independent Kazakhstan has despatched a obvious concept to Putin, Lukashenko and other comparable tyrants in the publish-Soviet area that their oriental despotism, modernized and tailored to the Soviet and article-Soviet eras, will also have its day, sooner than they and a lot of hope.

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