Marketing Strategies for a Successful Hair Salon

Marketing Strategies for a Successful Hair Salon

There is so much more to managing a salon than just doing root touch-ups and scheduling appointments. In order to attract customers, hairdressers in Richmond need to think like marketers. The good thing is that you can find a variety of ingenious strategies to advertise your salon online.

Use ads for your local hair salon as a chance to give back to the neighborhood.

Salons are more than simply places to have your hair done; they serve the community. That’s why it’s important for hair salons to run ads that speak to the target audience in their immediate vicinity. Make contact with groups that can help you build a network. In many urban centers, business professionals are able to meet potential new customers through their networks. Bring promotional materials like coupons and business cards for members to use and distribute.

Seek out means to improve the area where you live. A small gesture of goodwill can often have a significant impact. A salon can win the hearts of locals by offering a similar service on occasion to underserved populations like single mothers and job seekers. It means a lot to the pleasantly surprised customer, too.

To encourage social gatherings, offer discounts to groups of friends.

Salons are similar to other businesses that thrive when their clients are able to socialize during otherwise solo activities. Clients frequently bring companions to the salon to receive extensions and offer coloring suggestions. Customers will begin to think of your salon as a social place if you cater to this need.One effective strategy for increasing the salon’s customer base is to provide discounts to new customers who bring along a friend. Successful management of this situation will result in a new customer who will become an advocate for your company.

Provide freebies and goodie bags of your product.

Great freebies boost the perceived value of a routine consultation. If you want repeat business, or at least new clients, we suggest giving something out on occasion. If you’re providing a comprehensive, high-priced treatment for a client, you can even consider including a full-sized product for ongoing upkeep in the package.

The psychological anchoring impact of frequent freebies is worth exploring. You don’t want them to become used to the price cut and then think the service is too expensive when it’s no longer offered. Successful salon promos feature freebies that supplement your main service in some minor way; this is a win-win for both the hair salon and the customer. Further, guests will be more likely to schedule further appointments and return.

Take advantage of seasonal sales.

There are a ton of seasonal marketing opportunities available to salon owners, some of which are more obvious than others. The most important times of year to remember sales are around holidays. Promotions timed for these periods will help clients remember you in the run-up to the big day.