Oktoberfest: Top Tips To Enjoy The Festival

Oktoberfest: Top Tips To Enjoy The Festival

Every year from the end of September to the beginning of October, Munich celebrates with food, drink, and merrymaking. This city in Bavaria, Germany is the heart of the famous Oktoberfest, one of the nation’s most popular folk festivals.

People associate this festival with getting drunk and throwing away all their care. However, there are some things to avoid at Oktoberfest to keep safe and enjoy the celebration. Read this informative article to know what to do during this festival.

Oktoberfest Origins

Partygoers worldwide have King Ludwig I to thank for this festival; the first Oktoberfest happened when the Crowned Prince Ludwig married Princess Teresa of Sassonia-Hildburghausen in 1810. Everyone in Munich was allowed to attend the celebration, and it became a magnificent feast that spread throughout Bavaria.

The citizens of Munich decided to uphold this celebration and have it every year. The next year, the citizens organized an agricultural fair to promote the local economy.

This agricultural fair happened every four years, but the citizens made it another annual event after the war of Germany against Napoleon. Both celebrations came together, and that’s why people worldwide celebrate Oktoberfest for two weeks.

The festival faced some dark days during its rich history. It was cancelled twice in the late 1800s due to cholera outbreaks. World Wars I and II also affected the celebration for a few years.

Now, Oktoberfest is thriving as a rich festival that Germans and people worldwide can enjoy.

Typical Oktoberfest Cuisine

Beer is the star during Oktoberfest; there are over 20 varieties to try that give a strong kick. Some popular German beers are Munsterfest, ErdingerKristall, and Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest.

The country produces several varieties, from sweet to dark beers. You can even choose some with an alcohol content of up to 57% ABV.

But don’t forget to try the delicious food while you’re drinking! You can find these traditional German treats served around the party areas:

  • Pretzels
  • Pork sausage (Bratwurst)
  • White sausage (Weisswurst)
  • Sauerkraut or Pickled cabbage
  • Rotisserie chicken
  • Bread dumplings
  • Pickled ham
  • Apple strudel

These delicacies will keep you full while you enjoy spending time with your companions. Food and drink are the best way to absorb German culture!

How Much Of A Budget Will You Need?

Aside from travel and accommodation expenses, you must prepare a budget to enjoy the Oktoberfest activities completely. A safe budget is €70 per day for food, drinks, tips, and other expenses.

People serve Oktoberfest beer in litres known as Maß; these servings usually cost €13 with a compulsory tip included. Food for a whole day in Oktoberfest can cost between €20 to €40.

There is also a fair where you can spend €5 for a small ride and €9 for a big one. Oktoberfest is full of activities, so you must be ready to spend.

Tips For Enjoying Oktoberfest

Thousands of people attend Oktoberfest every year. You must plan your trip well and be efficient with time to enjoy the most of this festival. Here are some tips to help you maximize your time during the celebrations.

1. Arrive early

The tents start filling up from 2:30 pm onwards, so try to arrive in the area at about 9 or 10 am; you will find good tables at this time. Also, try to go on days within the week because fewer people attend the festivities.

2. Book tables for big groups

Finding comfortable seating for a big group can be tricky, even when guests arrive early. The best option is to book a table in advance for all the guests.

These bookings mean the guests have to stay at the table for the whole day and consume up to a certain amount (usually €300).

3. Always check the weather

Checking the weather is essential for all festivals. Oktoberfest happens in Autumn, so unexpected rains are possible within the week.

Oktoberfest is a festive celebration, that’s why several people travel miles to attend it. Planning activities well can help maximize your time to enjoy the party.

Things To Avoid Doing In Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is one of the biggest parties in Germany, so people are all in a festive and sometimes rowdy mood. However, there are some precautions you must follow to protect yourself and respect the other people attending the event.

1. Don’t drink too much beer early in the celebration

This tip may seem counterproductive, especially since Oktoberfest is all about beer, but Germans make strong alcohol, especially during this festival. You won’t enjoy the other attractions if you’re already drunk before 10 am.

2. Avoid slamming the mugs together

It may seem tempting to give heartfelt “cheers” to your companions, but hitting the mugs too hard can cause breakage and injury.

3. Don’t do last-minute planning

Most people recommend planning your Oktoberfest trip by March, hotels and other accommodations fill up fast during the weeks leading up to the festival.

4. Don’t stand on the tables

Guests can stand and dance on the secure benches in the tent, but the tables are off-limits. You may break the table and injure yourself if you insist on ignoring this precaution.

5. Bring cash and don’t use your credit card

The beer tents only accept cash so a credit card won’t buy you anything. Bring money that you budgeted for the day’s expenses.


Oktoberfest is one of the most entertaining folk festivals in the world; several people travel from all over to experience this grand party. Always remember to follow the rules and be respectful of the other attendees to have the best experience.

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