The Moco Museum exclusively presents the artist Mark Rothko

The Moco Museum exclusively presents the artist Mark Rothko

To escape the routine, you have to do things differently. If you have a creative jam, you have to go out to find new sources of inspiration. If museums are your thing, you have to visit the Moco Museum located in the world-famous Museumplein. Its three floors and private garden are filled with creative art – where else can you see a giant Gummy Bear? It is a young, modern museum, connected to today’s reality. If you are a lover of Abstract Expressionism, in this museum you can come across creations by the artist Mark Rothko. His most famous work “Black Blue Painting” is exhibited exclusively in this museum. You won’t be able to see it anywhere else. Enjoy the last piece of art of this artist which took two years to complete.

A museum geared to people of all ages

Many people think that the word “museum” is synonymous with old, antique and obsolete. Many young people, attracted by technological advances, have moved away from old artistic expressions because they consider them boring. The Moco Museum has managed to break with this belief by bringing to the city of Amsterdam paintings and sculptures that are truly original, fun and with a message aimed at improving real life situations. People of all ages enjoy every square meter of this museum. Did you know that some of the pieces feature augmented reality technology? In addition to pieces by Mark Rothko, they also have eye-catching sculptures like the “Freaky Mouse” by Fidia and psychedelic spaces like “Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism” created by Studio Irma. You can see available dates and times on their website and purchase your ticket online.

Who is Mark Rothko?

Abstract Expressionism is an artistic movement that was born between the 1940s and 1950s, after World War II. It was born in New York but its influence spread all over the world. In Amstedarm, the Moco Museum is the first to exhibit a painting based on this artistic movement. This type of art is easily recognized by the use of brushstrokes or gestural marks that are made spontaneously. This gives it a touch of freedom that artists seek to capture in their works. Although at first they seem meaningless, the works of artists such as Mark Rothko are born out of a natural impulse with a defined purpose. This type of art can be difficult to understand at first but eventually you get the message the artists are trying to convey.