Top 7 foodie destinations around the world includes the birthplace of tequila

Top 7 foodie destinations around the world includes the birthplace of tequila


No matter whether you are scheduling a holiday or just armchair touring, it’s normally enjoyable to ponder best foodie destinations. Sampling the community delicacies and finding new flavors is 50 {ed4a5fd24114d7ae6500c97fa7652b3915c7d898a0860a9d70161be4f9c5b00d} the pleasurable of journey — and we’re not by yourself in wondering so.

Tripadvisor’s Major Places for Foodstuff Fans, aspect of its yearly Tourists Decision awards, a short while ago presented up 25 these types of sizzling spots — the cities most well-known among readers. It’s a gourmand lineup, to be certain, but there are couple of surprises to be observed. Go ahead, guess what’s on there. Rome, London, Paris? Received it in 3! We’re not quibbling with their attractiveness. We just like … surprises.

Which is why it’s typically extra interesting to see what a rating by food writers and cafe critics seems like. Food writers want tasty meals as considerably as anyone does, of course, but what wows them are dishes that are stunning, reliable and historically considerable — ideally all a few. And even though they will gladly share their preferred carbonara spot in Rome, they would much instead tell you about their excursion to Guadalajara in Jalisco, the birthplace of tequila and birria, the saucy stew that commenced popping up at taquerias across the Bay Area a few of decades back.

Eater, the countrywide foodie web page, recently introduced its “Wherever to Consume in 2022” list with 13 towns — including Guadalajara and its birria — to tempt your palate when you are completely ready to get out there and vacation once a lot more.

This entertaining list has only the tiniest crossover with the Tripadvisor rankings — Dubai seems on both of those — and nearly fully avoids the regions included by Eater’s several metropolis-concentrated outposts. (SoCal’s Orange County arrived in at No. 10.) So it is filled with surprises.

Discover the entire record and all the tempting specifics at In the meantime, here’s a peek at the leading 7.

1 Guadalajara, Mexico


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